Authorized BimmerTech Dealer in Castle Rock, Colorado


Titan Auto Tech can take your BMW to the next level by upgrading and modifying your BMW with cutting-edge BimmerTech. We are an authorized BimmerTech dealer here in Castle Rock, Colorado, and can add an array of custom BMW retrofits to your vehicle.

As BimmerTech certified installers, we carefully integrate BimmerTech products to your vehicle just like they were factory installed. They are not additions, but rather upgrades and retrofits, adding more to your sound, camera capabilities, comfort and driving performance to your vehicle. Customers come from all over Arapahoe County and Douglas County to take advantage of the high-tech retrofits that we can offer as authorized BimmerTech dealers in Castle Rock, Colorado.

We provide the following installations to BMW vehicles:

Park Assist Cameras

We can install premium BimmerTech backup cameras so you can park like a pro. BimmerTech has a full selection of market-leading park assist camera kits.

Phone Mirroring

We can input your favorite smartphone apps to the iDrive screen, no matter if you have an iPhone or Android.

Comfort Access

We can install keyless unlocking service on your vehicle. Get in your car, drive to your destination and lock the doors as you leave without ever touching the key. You can lock the doors by simply placing your finger on the door.

Vivid Screen

We can replace older generation CCC iDrive displays with 8.8” replacement display, offering improved screen resolution and higher contrast for a clear, crisp viewing experience.

Premium Audio System

Add more to your sound system with our plug and play premium car audio system. This amplifier will give your BMW’s stereo more power, clarity and customizable performance.

If you have questions or want to know about other BimmerTech products, our experienced technicians will be glad to help. Come visit our Castle Rock, Colorado shop today, or give us a call at 720-458-8077.