Factors Leading to Ignition Lock Malfunction in a Porsche


It is common knowledge that Porsches are unique and powerful vehicles, but you won’t be able to access any of that power if your Porsche’s ignition lock fails. The ignition lock, which is the device into which you insert your key every time you drive your car, is essential to its operation. It is subject to failure, so if you have had issues with your ignition lock recently, we’re here to take a look at the three main causes of this problem.


The common symptoms include difficulties engaging the vehicle’s powerstarting issues, and difficulty getting the key in or out of the ignition.

Damage to the Interlock Solenoid

The interlock solenoid is the instrument that enables you to shift from park to drive, and it only functions when the ignition is turned on and the brake is applied. The ignition lock may malfunction if this component malfunctions or if the connection between it and the ignition lock is broken. The interlock solenoid may be the source of the problem if your Porsche’s ignition lock looks to be in good functioning order but isn’t performing properly.

Excessive Wear and Tear

You use the ignition lock on your Porsche every time you drive it. Your vehicle will not start unless you insert your key into the ignition lock and turn it on! The ignition lock is prone to wear and tear since it is used quite frequently.

Moreover, the grinding of the key against the tumblers of the ignition lock may wear this component down over time to the point where the tumblers can no longer properly press up against the key. The key will not fit properly in the lock if this occurs. The engine, therefore, will not start as a result of this.

Although all ignition locks are susceptible to wear and tear, the consequences of such an issue can be exacerbated by certain external circumstances. Adding heavy keychains to your Porsche’s key, for example, can significantly make the amount of stress placed on the ignition lock higher. In this case, the key will be pulled down by the keychains when it is inserted into your vehicle’s ignition lock. The tumblers will be subjected to increased pressure, which may cause them to deform. This is why you should keep the number of accessories on your car keys to a minimum.

Key Errors

Wear and tear on your vehicle’s key, like wear and tear on the ignition lock’s tumblers, can contribute to ignition lock failure. For instance, if your key becomes deformed or twisted, it may not fit properly against the tumblers of the ignition lock. Because all of the tumblers must be in the exact place for the ignition lock to turn, this will hinder the vehicle from starting.

Scratches and chips on your Porsche’s key may also cause serious ignition lock damage. Surface damage to your key, for example, might result in small metal chips which can easily enter your vehicle’s ignition lock and jam the tumblers. If you notice any damage to your car keys, you should not drive your vehicle until you have received a replacement key.


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