Cobblestone Ranch Park

Located on the eastern edge of Castle Rock, Colorado, Cobblestone Ranch Park stands as a testament to the town’s commitment to providing a haven for both residents and visitors alike. This 12-acre sanctuary, located at 8571 Castle Oaks Drive, promises an escape into nature while offering an array of amenities for individuals and families seeking outdoor adventure. Learn More about Castle Rock here.


A Scenic Oasis in Castle Rock

Cobblestone Ranch Park sits in close proximity to the breathtaking Hidden Mesa Open Space, enhancing its allure as a destination for nature enthusiasts. Open daily from 5 AM to 11 PM, this park invites everyone to experience the tranquility and beauty of the Colorado landscape.


Amenities that Impress

With a remarkable 4.8 out of 5 rating on Google Maps based on nine reviews, Cobblestone Ranch Park has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Its diverse range of amenities caters to various interests, ensuring there’s something for everyone.


  1. Pickleball Courts: Sports enthusiasts can engage in friendly matches on the six well-maintained pickleball courts. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a novice, these courts provide the perfect setting for an active day out.
  2. Playground: Families with children can delight in the park’s playground, offering a safe and entertaining space for the little ones to expend their energy and foster their imaginations.
  3. Picnic Areas: For those who prefer a more relaxed experience, Cobblestone Ranch Park features inviting picnic areas. Bring your favorite snacks, soak in the scenery, and make cherished memories with friends and family.
  4. Trails: Lace up your sneakers or hop on your bike to explore the park’s scenic trails. Whether you’re walking, running, or biking, these pathways offer a chance to connect with nature and stay active.
  5. Restrooms: The park provides well-maintained restrooms for the convenience of visitors, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Beyond the Basics

Cobblestone Ranch Park goes above and beyond with additional features that set it apart from the ordinary:

  • Asphalt Pump Track for Biking: Thrill-seekers can take advantage of the park’s asphalt pump track, providing an exciting terrain for biking enthusiasts of all skill levels.
  • Basketball Half-Court: Enjoy a game of basketball on the half-court, adding a competitive edge to your visit.
  • Large Lawn: The expansive green space invites visitors to relax, play, or simply enjoy a lazy afternoon in the heart of nature.


Comfort and Accessibility

Cobblestone Ranch Park prioritizes visitor comfort and accessibility:

  • Seating: From shelters and pavilions to picnic tables and benches, the park offers ample seating options for relaxation and socializing.
  • ADA-Accessible and Stroller-Friendly: Ensuring inclusivity, the park is designed to accommodate visitors with diverse needs, including those with disabilities and families with strollers.
  • Water Fountains: Stay hydrated during your visit with conveniently located water fountains throughout the park.


Plan Your Visit

For more information about Cobblestone Ranch Park, interested individuals can reach out to the Town of Castle Rock Parks and Recreation Department at or by phone at 720-733-2260.


In conclusion, Cobblestone Ranch Park stands as a testament to Castle Rock’s commitment to providing a space where community, recreation, and nature converge. Whether you’re seeking an active day outdoors or a peaceful retreat into nature, this hidden gem has something for everyone. Visit Cobblestone Ranch Park and discover the beauty that lies on the eastern edge of Castle Rock. Browse next article >>