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Common Reasons Why Your BMW’s Steering Wheel Vibrates While Braking
BMW X2 Car

Common Reasons Why Your BMW’s Steering Wheel Vibrates While Braking

BMW is a reliable brand due to the composition of its quality parts that make for optimal performance and maximum results for its drivers. One of the most important parts is the steering wheel. The steering wheel, like every other part of your car, is liable to develop issues that could threaten its function. An example is a vibrating or shaking steering wheel while braking.

The steering column, gearbox, wheel bearings and steering wheel are important components of your steering and suspension system. The brake rotors and brake pads are two important features of the braking system. As a result of the important roles that these components play in your car, if any parts fail, it has a major impact on other systems. Your vehicle’s braking and steering systems are crucial to your safety, so let’s take a closer look.

Causes of a Vibrating Steering Wheel in Your BMW

Worn-out Suspension System in the Front

The primary components of a suspension are the linkages, springs, shock absorbers, and tires. Because it is connected to the steering wheel, the suspension system in the front part of your car usually has the greatest influence on steering. Naturally, suspension systems become looser as the car parts wear out. However, because the suspension system of the BMW is more complicated compared to that of many other cars, multiple factors frequently contribute to steering wheel problems.

Damaged or Spoilt Wheels

The shaking, vibrating, or strange behavior of a BMW steering wheel could be caused by a bent front wheel rim, but this is less likely than the other possibilities. The tire could also go flat if the tire rim is bent in such a way that it prevents the tire from sealing.

A bent rim should be repaired as soon as possible because it could become loose and cause a blowout. It also accelerates the wear on the suspension. Cornering and handling can become more difficult as a result of a shaking or vibrating steering wheel and it could also be a forewarning of a more serious problem.

Failures in brakes and suspension systems are among some of the most endangering causes of a vibrating steering wheel, though other components may also be to blame. Many of these issues will be resolved during routine maintenance and servicing. However, if you are experiencing steering issues, you should visit your local dealership as soon as possible.

Imbalanced/Out of Balance Tires

Unbalanced tires are most likely to blame for a vibration that occurs only within a specific range of speed and then fades away. If the vibration worsens with speed, the steering problem is most likely caused by something else. Another cause of steering vibration is related to low air pressure, which can be easily corrected by inflating the tires to the proper pressure.

Poor/Worn-out Brake Pads

When braking, even a slightly warped rotor can cause the steering wheel of a BMW 3 to shake noticeably. Rotors can become warped for a variety of reasons, including driving through cold water when the brakes are overheated or over-torquing the lug nuts that secure the tire to the wheel. A brake rotor can be warped by a stuck caliper or excessively worn brake pads. Depending on the severity of the problem, this repair usually entails turning or replacing the rotor.

How to Fix a Vibrating Steering in Your BMW

Fixing a vibrating or shaking steering wheel in your BMW requires urgency BMW Suspension Maintenance and expertise to avoid further complications and prevent consequent damage to other associating parts. This means that you must involve the services of an expert technician as soon as you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above or related.

At Titan Auto Tech, we have a team of expert technicians who have been trained to meet the needs of your car and ensure that it remains in its best state. With nearly 20 years of providing services of all kinds to car owners in the areas of Castle Pines, Highland Ranch, Littleton, Lone Tree, Parker, Castle Rock and CO, we have become the go-to technicians of drivers. Call us today for assistance with your BMW.

* BMW X2 Car image credit goes to: JJFarquitectos.

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