Expert European Auto A/C Service for Castle Rock Area Drivers

The air conditioning in your car should always be functional for your comfort as well as to dehumidify your windshield and cabin. When the AC stops blowing cold air, or stops functioning completely, you will want a trusted mechanic to repair the problem. Not only will this restore comfort for your drive, it will ensure you have all the safety features the manufacturer designed to keep your view clear. At Titan Auto Tech, our certified mechanics help European auto owners all throughout the Castle Rock area take better care of your car’s air conditioning with complete maintenance & services.

What to Look for in a Failing AC

Below are five of the most common signs of an air conditioner that is on the fritz. You may experience a few of these or simply have a suspicion that your AC unit is in need of assistance:
  • The air that blows from the vent is no longer cold.
  • There is no air blowing when you turn on the AC unit.
  • There are odd clicking or ticking noises from the vents.
  • A stale smell emits from the vents when the fan is blowing.
  • The window dehumidifier fails to clear your windshield when you need it most.

Let Our Experts Take a Look

When you bring your car into Titan Auto Tech, we will quickly diagnose the problem and inform you of all our findings. We will suggest a course of action and then allow you to choose what to do next.
  • We will inspect the condenser, evaporator, lines, and refrigerant.
  • We will check for leaks in the hoses due to natural wear and tear.
  • We will ensure your compressor has enough lubricant.

Titan Auto Tech: Service Your Luxury Sports Car

Though we specialize in BMW & MINI vehicles, our certified technicians also offer complete A/C maintenance for all models of:

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