Easy Check Engine Light Diagnostics for European Auto Drivers in Castle Rock

The check engine light used to have a bad rap, since older cars didn’t have modern technology to narrow down the problem. The check engine light would illuminate on the dashboard, and many car owners would simply ignore it.

Today’s European cars have many sensors and electronic monitoring systems to pinpoint the exact problem. When you see the warning indicator on your dashboard, it is important not to ignore it. Call us for an appointment to check it out.

If the engine light is flashing on your dashboard, you should pull over in a safe area, turn off your engine, and call for a tow. The flashing check engine light indicates an engine problem that could cause even more damage if you continue to drive. At Titan Auto Tech, our technicians accurately & quickly diagnose any issues with your car.

Common Reasons for the Check Engine Light

When you bring your car into our shop, our ASE certified Master mechanics will utilize the latest diagnostic equipment for your specific make and model. From there, we share the findings with you, advise you of courses of action, and allow you to choose the repairs or replacements. Below are some of the most common reasons for the check engine light:
  • oxygen sensors have failed
  • mass airflow sensor is degrading
  • a loose, damaged, or missing gas cap
  • the catalytic converter has failed
  • internal engine problems
  • worn out spark plugs
  • frayed or damaged spark plug wires
  • exhaust gas recirculation valve has malfunctioned

Precision Service for Your Luxury Sports Car

If your check engine light has illuminated, bring it to us at Titan Auto Tech for a full diagnostic inspection and report. We have the experience needed to service all models of:

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