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A wheel alignment is one of the most important aspects of your driving comfort and safety. Your car has manufacturer-determined wheel angles and tire positions to give you the best drive and ride for you and your passengers.

When your wheels are properly aligned, this means they are level with the road, facing straight ahead, and are parallel to the other wheels down to a precise angle, as specified by the designers of your make and model.

When wheels are out of alignment, the angles of the toe, caster, and camber can be off their measure. This may feel odd to a European auto owner, who is used to having a perfect alignment. At Titan Auto Tech we specialize in helping European auto owners throughout the Castle Rock area with precision wheel alignments designed to keep your car performing at the level you expect.

How to Know if Your Wheels Need Aligning

Check out these common signs of wheel misalignment:
  • Misaligned wheels may feel like you’re constantly correcting the steering wheel in order to drive straight in your lane.
  • You may also notice uneven tire wear, if the tire is angled and riding on one side more than the other.
  • In a severely-misaligned case, you may feel a vibration, or your tire may squeal as it is spinning against the pavement at an angle.
Wheels can become misaligned by hitting a curb at a bank or food drive-thru, driving over a pothole at a high speed, or having a fender-bender or other collision.

Precision Service for Your Luxury Sports Car

If you suspect your car needs a wheel alignment, bring it to us at Titan Auto Tech. We utilize a state-of-the-art alignment machine for alignments and suspension work. This allows us to perform high-quality wheel alignments for all models of:

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