Valve Stem Seal Replacement Services for Castle Rock Drivers

Seals are important no matter where they are in your car, but they are especially relevant inside your engine’s cylinder head. The seals on the valve stem prevent oil from leaking into the cylinder. If this occurs, you will notice smoke from your exhaust pipe, and your oil levels will drop.

Your engine is designed to utilize oil to lubricate its working parts, not to burn it up in extreme heat produced in the engine. When a valve stem seal degrades or fails, your engine performance will suffer as well. The easiest way to recognize this is if you notice a constant stream of smoke out of your tailpipe that doesn’t dissipate after the engine warms up to the outside temperature.

If you suspect you’re burning oil from a leaking valve stem seal, bring it into Titan Auto Tech in Castle Rock where our ASE Certified Mechanics will inspect and diagnose the problem. We will replace your seals affordably and quickly to get you back on the road and driving with the performance you expect from your car.

We perform valve stem seal replacements on the following brands:

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