Ninja Intensity

In the heart of Castle Rock, Colorado, nestled at 2275 Manatt Ct, awaits an adventure like no other. Ninja Intensity, a 12,000 sq ft. ninja warrior facility, beckons enthusiasts of all ages to step into a realm of fun, excitement, and physical challenges. Embark on a journey where the mission is clear: to create an environment that fosters fitness, focus, and the spirit of the American Ninja Warrior.


Mission: Elevating Fitness and Focus

Central to the philosophy of Ninja Intensity is a dedication to crafting enjoyable and thrilling courses that present challenges to individuals across all age groups. The mission extends beyond the realm of physical fitness, delving into the cultivation of mental resilience and focus. Drawing inspiration from the widely acclaimed TV show, American Ninja Warrior, Ninja Intensity strives to propel this dynamic and engaging sport into the spotlight, fostering awareness and motivating individuals to embrace their inner ninja.


Embracing Progression: The Key to Continual Growth

In the world of ninja warrior training, the philosophy is simple yet profound: the moment you become content is the moment you stop progressing. Ninja Intensity invites participants to defy their limits, pushing boundaries and striving for continuous improvement. Whether you’re a seasoned ninja warrior or a beginner taking the first steps into this exciting realm, Ninja Intensity provides an environment that fosters growth and development. Check this out.


Facility: A Playground for Ninjas

Step inside Ninja Intensity, and you’ll find a sprawling 12,000 sq ft. facility designed to emulate the challenges seen on the iconic American Ninja Warrior show. The space is not just a gym; it’s a playground for ninjas of all skill levels. The layout incorporates constantly changing obstacles, ensuring that each visit offers a unique and thrilling experience.


Variety of Obstacles: Mirroring the American Ninja Warrior Experience

Ninja Intensity prides itself on recreating the exhilarating obstacles seen on American Ninja Warrior. From warped walls and salmon ladders to balance obstacles and spider walls, the facility is a haven for ninja enthusiasts looking to test their mettle. The ever-evolving course ensures that every visit brings fresh challenges, keeping participants on their toes and eager to conquer new feats.


Expertly Crafted Courses: Suitable for All Ages

Whether you’re a parent looking for a unique family bonding experience or an individual seeking a challenging workout, Ninja Intensity caters to all. The courses are expertly crafted to accommodate varying skill levels, making it an inclusive space for everyone. Children, teenagers, and adults alike can find courses that suit their abilities, ensuring that the ninja spirit is alive in individuals of all ages.


Community Atmosphere: Where Ninjas Unite

Ninja Intensity is more than just a facility; it’s a community where ninjas unite. The shared passion for the sport creates a supportive atmosphere where participants encourage and inspire one another. From friendly competitions to collaborative training sessions, the camaraderie at Ninja Intensity adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the ninja warrior experience.


Join the Ninja Intensity Movement

As the sun sets behind the scenic landscape of Castle Rock, Ninja Intensity lights up with the energy of individuals determined to conquer obstacles and break personal records. Whether you’re a seasoned ninja warrior or a curious newcomer, Ninja Intensity welcomes you to join the movement.


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