Ridgeline Open Space

Nestled within the embrace of nature’s grandeur, Ridgeline Open Space emerges as a sanctuary for those with a penchant for the outdoors, offering a haven from the relentless pace of daily existence. Bestowed with the distinction of being recognized as the Best Hiking/Biking Trail by Colorado Community Media, this immaculate 367-acre expanse, situated at 2525 Coachline Rd, Castle Rock, CO 80109, invites exploration into its charm. The allure of this natural jewel unfolds through its soft-surface trails, captivating vistas, and interconnected loops, casting an irresistible spell that captivates both hikers and mountain biking enthusiasts alike.


Traversing Nature’s Canvas: The Trail System

Ridgeline Open Space boasts a captivating single-track unpaved trail system that winds its way through valleys and along ridgelines, offering a picturesque journey for outdoor enthusiasts. Divided into four interconnected loops of moderate difficulty, each marked with its own distinct color, the trail system provides an engaging and diverse experience for visitors of all skill levels.


The main outside loop, known as Stewart Trail, stretches an impressive 9.5 miles, marked with convenient mileage indicators every half mile. This carefully designed trail allows hikers and bikers to immerse themselves in the natural beauty while keeping track of their progress. The varied terrain, ranging from open grassland to dense Gambel’s Oak, ensures that every step or pedal stroke is a new adventure. Here’s an interesting read.


A Panoramic Feast for the Eyes: Scenic Views

As visitors navigate the trails of Ridgeline Open Space, they encounter spectacular panoramic views of the Front Range to the west and the delightful town below. The undulating landscape, featuring valleys and ridgelines, serves as a captivating backdrop that undergoes a transformation with the changing seasons, guaranteeing that each visit offers a unique experience. Whether one is a seasoned hiker or a casual nature enthusiast, the vistas provided by Ridgeline Open Space are sure to etch an indelible mark on their memory.


Beyond the Trails: Connectivity and Accessibility

Ridgeline Open Space is more than just a network of trails—it’s a hub that connects communities. Paved connections seamlessly link the open space to the surrounding neighborhoods, enhancing accessibility for residents and visitors alike. The trails also integrate with the larger trail network spanning The Meadows and Red Hawk developments, establishing Ridgeline Open Space as a central point for hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts.


Convenient Amenities: Parking and Facilities

Ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience, Ridgeline Open Space offers convenient amenities for visitors. Parking is available at Bison Park, providing easy access to the trailhead. The trailhead parking lot on Coachline Road is another entry point for those eager to embark on their outdoor adventure. Portable restrooms, strategically placed for convenience, enhance the overall experience, allowing visitors to focus on the natural beauty surrounding them.


Connecting the Dots: Philip S. Miller Park Overpass

For individuals eager to broaden their exploration beyond Ridgeline Open Space, a seamless connection greets them at Philip S. Miller Park on the east side. A pedestrian overpass situated at Wolfensberger Road facilitates a seamless transition, effortlessly linking trail users to an expansive network of trails and open spaces. This interconnected trail system fosters a communal atmosphere, nurturing a shared appreciation for the splendors of the great outdoors.


Ridgeline Open Space – Where Nature Beckons

In the heart of Castle Rock, Ridgeline Open Space stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and recreation. Whether you seek the thrill of mountain biking or the tranquility of a leisurely hike, this open space has something to offer for everyone. With its well-designed trail system, awe-inspiring views, and seamless connectivity, Ridgeline Open Space invites you to step into a world where the beauty of nature takes center stage.


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