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What to Do if Your Audi Does Not Respond When in Gear
Audi Automatic Transmission Issue

What to Do if Your Audi Does Not Respond When in Gear

Automatic transmissions are extremely complex mechanisms that work tirelessly to shift at the right time to obey the command given by the driver. Because of the number of components and various pieces that make up a transmission, it is very likely and highly possible for the transmission of your car to encounter problems, including a delay in function or engagement.

Delayed engagement is the time it takes or how slowly it takes for your car to shift from a parked position to a gear in motion like to drive or to reverse. The delay can last only for some seconds or up to a minute. However, if your vehicle does not engage after a minute, it is very possible that it will not engage and likely that the transmission is in a bad shape.

A delay in engagement of your car is a minor problem, but if ignored, it can lead to bigger and more expensive issues to repair. When your car does not respond when in gear, it can be commonly called an automatic transmission problem.

Symptoms of an Automatic Transmission Issue in Your Audi

Slow Response/Non-Response of the Car When in Gear

If your car is experiencing an automatic transmission problem or not responding when in gear, it could indicate that the protective features of your car’s fluid have degraded and it has thickened. In this case, a good exchange of fluid could be beneficial.

On another hand, you may be dealing with a computer system issue. You can try to fix this issue yourself by unplugging the battery for about 30 minutes but this can cause other problems with the technology in your Audi. It is best to call on our services so our well-qualified mechanics can ensure your Audi’s integrity.

Smoke-like/Burning Smell

Overheated fluid is one of the most prevalent causes of a burning odor. The fluid in your transmission system is extremely important in keeping this very costly, complex, and delicate system running. As time passes and mileage builds, when the lubricating capacity of your transmission fluid deteriorates, it allows for dangerous friction that results in danger between all of the parts. This friction further makes the parts break down. It also allows for the accumulation of debris and possibly sludge. All of these issues, when combined, result in a total breakdown in transmission. This is both costly and inconvenient.

Leakage of Transmission Fluid

If you notice a bright red or dirty dark red fluid leakage on your garage floor or driveway, that is likely an automatic transmission fluid leakage. The normal function of an Audi does not allow leakage of automatic transmission fluid. Otherwise, a serious or complete transmission breakdown could happen with your car. This is not cost-friendly.

Transmission fluid, unlike motor oil, does not typically degrade over time and mileage. So, if you’re running low on transmission fluid, you’ve got a leak somewhere. Low fluid levels can cause excessive friction in the transmission of your car, leading to the breakdown of internal components and, eventually, a complete transmission failure.

What to Do When Your Audi Does Not Respond When in Gear

Fixing a transmission issue in your Audi requires diagnosis and repair from a trained technician. Seek Audi Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush the services of our expert mechanics if you notice any fault in the overall performance of your vehicle.

At Titan Auto Tech, our trained mechanics are especially skilled in car repairs and maintenance to ensure that your car continues to perform at the optimal level. We have nearly 20 years of providing the best services to drivers in these Colorado areas:

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We have created an affordable auto care center with the technical and mechanical skills that we would want in a shop. These include:

  • ASE Master-certified mechanics
  • RepairPal Certified
  • We use an alignment machine for wheel alignments and suspension work
  • Technet 36-month/36,000-mile warranty for Technet shops nationwide
  • Our shop guarantees our work with a 24-months/24,000-mile parts and labor warranty

Call us today to service your Audi. We are here for you and understand your desire to maintain your Audi model in its top condition. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or to speak with our staff.

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