Mercedes-Benz has always been at the forefront of German innovation and engineering. Offering practical solutions and technologies for modern day life, it’s no surprise that a Mercedes vehicle constitutes driving at its best.

A large part of what makes the driving experience so incredible when driving a Mercedes – aside from the comfortable, luxurious interior – is the intelligent air suspension system unique to Mercedes known as the AirMatic system.

In this article we’ll be taking a closer look at this innovative form of air suspension, discovering how it works to offer such smooth driving, and also how to take care of it, to ensure amazing adventures from the first drive to the last.


A relatively recent innovation by Mercedes, the AirMatic system is an air suspension system designed to adapt and react to changing road surfaces smoothly and easily, often without the driver even noticing, meaning any surface can feel like freshly laid tarmac. As there is no sudden change or excess bouncing or reverberation typically associated with classic suspension types, the AirMatic system also offers a safer, more stable vehicle. This allows the driver to focus solely on enjoying the driving experience.

In the AirMatic system, each wheel has a dampener which self-adjusts according to changing road surfaces. This is achieved by the implementation within each dampener of two individual valves, one for rebound and one for compression, creating the unbelievably smooth drive that modern Mercedes are so synonymous with.

The Airmatic system is also perfectly integrated with Mercedes’ various other features. In the centre console of models like the C-class are various agility select programs, such as comfortsport, and eco. These settings adjust the steeringenginetransmission, and suspension to perfectly match the driver’s goals for their journey. The sport suspension option works well with the AirMatic system in particular, as it allows the system to adjust vehicle height on uneven or poor quality roads, allowing for up to 4cm (1.5 inches) additional clearance to perfectly protect the underside of the vehicle from scuffs and scratches from uneven terrain.


While all Mercedes parts are built to last, any owner who feels true pride in their vehicle will want to make regular basic maintenance checks, and there are a few simple visual tests you can use to make sure your AirMatic system is in perfect running order.

In general, with an air based suspension system, the main factor required for reliable performance is an airtight system. When checking the AirMatic system, make sure that connections are not loose and make a tight seal. Also keep and eye out for any wear and tear and note any points where you might think that air could be escaping. If the suspension system has air leaks, the compressor will need to work harder to maintain optimum pressure, meaning increased effort required, which eventually will result in the compressor wearing out entirely, often before its predicted life span.

You can also spare a glance at the air springs of the system, making sure their overall condition is healthy and undamaged, particularly if you’ve spent some time driving on uneven or dirt roads where chips of rock or dirt can impact upon parts. If you’re more mechanically minded, you can also check the springs pressure, but in general this is best handled by a professional.


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